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Why you need an immigration and criminal defense attorney:

As Immigration Attorneys and Criminal Defense Lawyers who have been practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1980, we emphasize obtaining Adjustments of Status to Lawful Permanent Residency (‘Green Cards’) and Naturalizations (U.S. Citizenship) for our non-citizen clients who have criminal conviction(s) and arrest(s) requiring Post-Conviction Relief (PCR). We place special emphasis as legal experts, in filing Motions to Vacate (to eliminate), to Modify and to Dismiss criminal conviction(s) in the California State criminal courts. By winning these Motions to Vacate, we eliminate the immigration problems our clients face of inadmissibility, deportation and removability from the U.S. We then file Motions to Terminate their Removal Proceedings in the Immigration Courts. Our clients then become eligible to apply for LPR status and U.S. citizenship through Naturalization.

 Stephen Eckdish Esq. and Ben Hall, Esq., Attorneys at Law

Stephen Eckdish Esq. and Ben Hall, Esq., Attorneys at Law

Representing non-citizens for more than 50 years of combined experience

If you have a need for legal representation, then you will want competent and aggressive lawyers who are skilled in both immigration and criminal defense law to represent you. Since January 2017 with the election of President Donald J. Trump, non-citizens have come under attack like never before seen in America. Our proven track record for approved motions show why our clients say we are the best immigration and criminal defense attorneys in Northern California.

Rock Solid Representation

We are San Francisco Immigration Lawyers and Criminal Defense Attorneys who actively practice both immigration and criminal law in Northern California. Our law office emphasizes representing non-citizen clients who require legal assistance in any of the following important areas of immigration and criminal law. These areas are where we provide our expertise in making the critical difference as your immigration and criminal defense attorneys as to whether you will remain in the U.S. or be deported:

Post Conviction Relief

Criminal Defense
California State Superior Courts

al/Deportation Defense

Deferred Inspection

Naturalization and Citizenship

Adjustment of Status to
Lawful Permanent Residency

Asylum Relief

Motions to Reopen


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