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"Since 1980, our clients have placed their futures in our hands. We take our professional responsibilities very seriously. Contact us for a complementary telephone consultation to assist you in resolving your immigration and criminal defense problems."

Our successes in obtaining winning results for our clients over the years have been achieved through aggressive representation, thorough investigation and early preparation of our clients' cases. We utilize time tested proven legal strategies and resourceful defenses to win cases defending clients in both the criminal and immigration courts. If you are charged with crime(s) in U.S. federal or California state courts or are facing removal (deportation) in U.S. Immigration Court, then you will want to consult with us.

 In the criminal courts, we utilize our 50 years of combined courtroom experience and resources in order to avoid convictions for aggravated felonies, crimes of moral turpitude, and crimes of violence that could result in exclusion, deportation, denial of adjustment of status or denial of naturalization.

In the U.S.C.I.S. or in immigration court removal proceedings, we aggressively seek out relief in the criminal courts where your conviction(s) occurred. We file motions to terminate, reduce, modify, expunge and/or dismiss those convictions so they can not be used against you by the U.S.C.I.S or by the immigration judges to deport you. We aggressively defend our clients in removal and deportation proceedings with all available forms of relief. For more information on this click here.

  • Our immigration practice emphasizes representing clients who are seeking to adjust their status, are in removal/deportation proceedings, are petitioning for naturalizations, or those seeking adjustments of status to become permanent residents.

  • In our criminal defense practice over the years, we have aggressively and successfully defended thousands of clients, citizens and non-citizens alike, who charged with drug, violent felonies, domestic violence offenses, thefts, DUI's and misdemeanor crimes.

  • We offer comprehensive legal services for each of our clients. These services include the use of skilled but affordable licensed investigators and other experts when necessary to prepare and win our clients' cases.

Please contact us for a personal, confidential and free telephone consultation.


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