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If you are facing deportation because of prior criminal convictions, Attorney Ben Hall emphasize defending non-citizens in obtaining Post-Conviction Relief (PCR) in the criminal courts of California. We attack aggravated felonies and crimes of moral turpitude which have very serious adverse immigration consequences. If you are a non-citizen seeking to adjust your status, seeking to naturalize or are in immigration court removal proceedings, then we file Motions to Vacate your criminal convictions to eliminate the grounds for your being removed, deported, denied visas or naturalization. Read our Five-Star reviews by clients whose convictions were vacated and avoided deportation, won in the immigration courts or won their visa cases with USCIS.

Protect your legal rights. As Immigration and Criminal Defense Attorneys in San Francisco, Sacramento, and Benicia California, our approach in defending citizen and non-citizen clients in the courts. The Law Offices of Benjamin F. Hall continues to be to use all forms of available relief to avoid convictions. It is especially those non-citizens that have immigration consequences. We emphasize filing Motions for Post Conviction Relief in cases where clients come to us who are facing deportation because of prior criminal convictions or wish to become eligible to adjust their status or become U.S. citizens. Our creative approach combined with thorough preparation and investigation have produced consistently winning results for our clients. Our strong reputation and proven track record pave the way for our successes in the courts throughout the Bay Area.

We emphasize defending all classes of crimes particularly those crimes which make our clients deportable or inadmissible. We are recognized experts in our Post Conviction Relief practice for eliminating aggravated felonies for immigration purposes. These aggravated felonies can even be misdemeanor crimes which many criminal defense attorneys are not aware of. That is why other criminal defense attorneys retain us as expert immigration and criminal defense consultants to assist them with the complicated defense strategies of negotiating cases in the criminal courts that avoid adverse immigration consequences for their clients. The current penalties and immigration consequences of a criminal conviction(s) in either the California state or federal courts, even for a first offense, are very substantial and oftentimes lead directly to immediate and automatic deportation, if not avoided. Our first priority in defending our non-citizen clients is to avoid and eliminate any criminal convictions, especially aggravated felonies and crimes of moral turpitude which have very serious adverse immigration consequences.      

Winning Motions

We vigorously defend and emphasize eliminating charges in the criminal courts that make our clients removal or ineligible for permanent residency and/or naturalization. As immigration and criminal law experts, we combined careful analysis of the facts with the best legal options of each case which enables us to discover those defenses which other attorneys overlook. We also emphasize defending an ever-increasing number of non-citizen clients who are seeking to adjust their status, naturalize and/or who are in immigration court removal proceedings by filing Motions to Vacate and Post Conviction Relief Motions.

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