Naturalization and Citizenship

Loss of permanent residency or removal from the U.S. can be prevented with proper legal action. If you loose your green card, then you cannot apply for U.S. citizenship. Even if you are convicted of certain crimes, you may still be eligible to apply for Naturalization to obtain your U.S. citizenship without fear of being deported. The Law Offices of Benjamin F. Hall can help you make such a determination. If you have criminal convictions making you deportable, then we can file motions to vacate, modify, and eliminate those convictions so you become eligible for naturalization to get your U.S. citizenship. Lawyer Ben Hall are recognized experts in obtaining Post-Conviction Relief so you can become eligible to apply for naturalization and obtain your U.S. citizenship. Read our Five-Star client reviews who won their cases in the immigration courts, then naturalized and avoided deportation.

Naturalization is the process whereby a lawful permanent resident who has resided in the U.S. for five (5) or three (3) years in the case of marriage to a U.S. citizen, applies for citizenship.

Many legal residents still do not wish to apply for citizenship even though they are eligible. Those permanent residents who have not yet applied for citizenship even though eligible, should carefully consider that in the U.S. today under the Trump Administration, loss of their permanent residency and removal from the U.S. is much easier and much more likely to occur than ever before. Therefore, if you are a permanent resident, it is imperative that you consult with competent immigration and criminal defense attorneys to discuss your individual case in order to determine if you are deportable or eligible to Naturalize.

In addition to the residency requirements, there is also the critical requirement that a lawful permanent resident seeking to become a U.S. citizen must demonstrate good moral character. In the case of a resident immigrant with prior criminal conviction(s), establishing good moral character can be difficult. Our law office provides specialized legal analysis and services for those lawful permanent residents (LPRs) seeking Post Conviction Relief (PCR) which will eliminate our clients’ criminal convictions so that they are no longer deportable and can become LPRs and U.S. citizens. We file motions in the criminal courts to vacate, modify and eliminate those prior conviction(s) so they no longer can be used by the Immigration Service (USCIS) to deny their naturalization on lack of good moral character grounds.

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