Mr. Stephen Eckdish: The Best Immigration and Criminal Laywer Around


Mr. Eckdish has many years of experience and his expertise helped my husband’s dream come true of becoming an American citizen. Hiring Mr. Eckdish for his services was a true blessing. My husband had several convictions from many years ago that were able to be vacated and dismissed. Mr. Eckdish is truly the best immigration and criminal lawyer around. The expert advice and overall expertise of Mr. Eckdish is the reason this was able to happen. My husband’s case was not an easy one; it was complex. All our family and friends are forever grateful to him for all of his hard work, determination, guidance, compassion and most of all his patience with my husband and me throughout the years. Mr. Eckdish worked on my husband’s case for 4+ years with great professionalism. When we had additional questions he was always available 24/7 to answer them. When we were in a panic he was always there to reassure us. Mr. Eckdish was not only our lawyer but he became a good friend to us. My family and I are now living happy stress free lives thanks to Mr. Eckdish. My husband and I highly and truly recommend Mr. Stephen Eckdish to anyone who has immigration and criminal issues to deal with. 
Posted by Drea S.,  August 23, 2017