Trusworthy Expert Immigration & Criminal Attorney–Winner!

Stephen Eckdish is an expert immigration and criminal attorney, making him the perfect lawyer for my complex case. I immigrated to the U.S. with my parents thirty years ago when I was a young boy. I became a permanent resident at the beginning of the recent economic downturn, also known as the great recession. I lost a high paying job and had a very difficult time finding another job. I took it fairly hard and resorted to drugs which consequently got me in trouble with the law in two different counties.

I have since gone back to school to start a new career in the medical field. I have turned my life around, but my past mistakes posed a major roadblock in becoming an American citizen. Mr. Eckdish worked tirelessly to have both of my drug related criminal cases vacated in order to pave way for my citizenship. We have since applied for my citizenship and now are awaiting an interview. I have the utmost confidence that my dream of becoming an American citizen will become reality in the coming months, all with the help of Mr. Eckdish. I am extremely satisfied with the work that Stephen Eckdish has done for me so far and I highly recommend him for your complex immigration and criminal cases.
Posted by R, February 27, 2018